If you have decided that you really want to become a dog owner then your next decision will be what kind of breed of dog do you want. You also need to decide if you want a puppy or an older dog, then whether you want a male or female.

There are lots of ways that you can go about finding some great information about dog breeds. One of the favorite breeds of many is the Bull Terrier.

Many breeders of this type of dog are now using apps to promote the breed. What some have done is reached out to companies that develop apps that would draw attention to the Bull Terriers. Some of these apps give all the main points of interest about this type of dog. Other apps give the basics on how to train the Bull Terrier puppy.

Becoming a dog owner is a big responsibility. You have to be ready for this because this new addition to your family is going to demand some attention. Your family will have to be prepared to do some basic training. It will all begin with the house training. This can be difficult if there is nobody home during the day. It may be worth hiring someone that can come in to the home several times a day to put the pup outdoors. It usually doesn’t take long before they become trained. Then you can go onto other types of training.

For the first few days you may find you puppy cries at night. You will have to be patient during this time. Putting the pup in his cage with a warm blanket or something to snuggle up to will help. Don’t break down and bring the pup to bed with you. Once you do this you will have a difficult time breaking the dog of this habit.