Every breed of dog has its own characteristics but one that really stands out in the dog world is the Bull Terriers. The Bull Terrier is a mix between different several types of Terrier breeds and the Bull dogs. They were originally known for their fighting skills and, at one time, that was the main purpose of breeding them. Thankfully dog fighting is now a sport that has become banned in many countries. Now the Bull Terriers can be enjoyed for their wonderful traits and antics.

You Can’t Beat the Looks

One of the first things that stands out about this dog breed is their distinct looks. They have a combination of a Roman nose with an egg shaped facial profile. To top it off they have triangular eyes that really gives them their physical looking personality

The Great Chase

Many dogs love to chase their tails on occasion. Sometimes this can be seen as a disorder. With the Bull Terriers it just seems to be part of their antics. Not only do they love to chase their tails but they get a lot of enjoyment out of chasing their shadows. They are also noted for their pacing. If this seems to be a little obsessive in your Bull Terrier then you will need to focus more on keeping him busy.

Love of Life

The Bull Terriers seem to have a real zest for life. Although their looks might be a little intimidating they just love people and their favorite pastime is playtime.

In the Spotlight

This breed of dog has been found to be so intriguing that it is often one that is purchased by celebrities. The breed has been used as mascots and as such draws a lot of attention.

There is no doubt that when the Bull Terrier is provided with a loving and caring home that it becomes a great choice of dog and a most loved family pet.