Any time you are thinking about buying a dog to bring into your family home, you should know a little about its history. The Bull Terrier is often a good choice but it is also one that has been misunderstood in recent years.

This breed of dog originated in England and was at one time bred for the purposes of dog fighting. This type of sport became illegal not only in England but in time in many other countries as well.

The Bull Terrier breed is a cross between the Bull Dog and various types of Terriers. One type of Terrier, it was crossed with was the Black and Tan Terriers known as the Manchester Terrier. This type of breeding created some strong characteristics from both the Bull Dog breed and the Terrier breeds. They took on the traits of the Bull Dog’s ability to withstand high levels of pain. From the Terrier bloodline, they adopted the agility and durability.

Once dog fighting became a thing of the past, it was thought to refine the breed. This was done by taking the original Bull Terrier and breeding it with other types of Terriers like the White English Terrier which no longer exists. The outcome of this type of breeding resulted in a Bull Terrier that was totally white in color with a change in physique which was tighter shoulders, a longer body, and a head that appeared more symmetric.

While the white Bull Terrier was impressive to look at, a lot of problems surfaced and it was decided that these could be overcome by breeding with other colored type terriers. Standards have now been put in place to identify the Bull Terrier breed.

Many are finding that this breed makes for a wonderful household pet. Although they can be dominant and has a strong nature, they are known to be loving and loyal and full of fun.