Deciding to bring a Bull Terrier into your home is a great choice for anyone. Every breed has their own distinct nature and habits. Before making your final decision to make your new pet a Bull Terrier consider the following:


The characteristics of the Bull Terrier all revolve around their personalities. They are fun-loving dogs that have been dubbed as having a wonderful sense of humor. You are definitely going to find this type of dog to be outgoing and friendly. With this type of nature they need a firm but loving owner to keep them in check.


While this dog is good with kids, it is often recommended that they not be brought into a home with young children. They are,however, fantastic with the older kids. These dogs are sometimes noted for not having the patience with the younger children who may want to be over affectionate. However, this is a matter of opinion as some will differ on this point.

The Bull Terrier is often leery of other dogs so caution has to be put in place when bringing them into a home where another dog already lives, or when introducing them to other dogs for playtime.


This particular breed is not classed as being the easiest dog to train. This is not because they are not intelligent, but is because they have a mind of their own. It takes a patient and firm owner to get the dog to conform to training. This breed tends to have a dominant nature and full and proper training is a must.


Care of the Bull Terrier is pretty basic. They demand proper food and lots of exercise. When it comes to grooming this is easy as they have a short coat with fine hair. However, a regular grooming routine should be carried out,as with any dog breed.