If you happen to be a dog lover and to the point where you would love to work in the pet industry then there may be an option for you to become a dog trainer. If so, then you may want to specialize in the Bull Terrier breed. The reason for this is because this breed of dog is one of the best types of dogs to deal with. After you get the proper training,you could be set up for great success as a Bull Terrier dog breeder.

The way to begin is for you to first learn the basics and then start your own business teaching this.


This is the first thing that dog owners want their dogs to learn. As a trainer, this can be a difficult for you to actually train the dog to do, but you can instruct the new Bull Terrier owners how to train the dog themselves. You could do this by making a house visit. Or, a great alternative is to start your own website with some instructional videos.

If you are going to go the internet route you will need your domain name, a website and the proper SEOhosting to ensure that you site goes live. You want to choose a quality hosting company that can set your site up so it can live stream your videos and handle the traffic.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is teaching the Bull Terrier to come, sit and stay. Then, once they learn these commands, you can go on to teach other things such as walking them on a leash and socializing skills.

You can do your training either on a one on one basis in the pet owner’s home, or you could set up a training clinic where you are training several dogs at one time. This is a good option for teaching the young pups socialization skills.