Any type of dog you decide to bring into your home is going to require some commitment from you The Bull Terrier breed is no different. Puppies certainly are cute and entertaining but they demand a lot of attention and care.

Providing the Necessities

No matter whether you have decided on buying a Bull Terrier puppy or a an older one, you need to provide them with the necessities. This includes proper food, water, and a warm place to sleep. Some dogs don’t mind being housed outside, but the Bull Terrier is not a dog that enjoys cold, damp weather. There is nothing wrong with putting your dog outside for some fresh air. Ideally a closed in area where they can run and play is ideal.


You could find that your Bull Terrier is a high energy dog. They are intelligent and can get bored easily. When they do they sometimes take on traits like chasing their tails, or their shadows. Exercise is important not only to keep their minds active but to keep them in good physical shape. This is something that you should set up as a daily routine. It should include both walking and running.

Obedience Training

While the Bull Terrier is a loving dog, it is also relatively dominant. You have to be committed to providing the proper obedience training. You can do this by joining dog classes plus implementing your own training regime.


Fortunately, the Bull Terrier is short haired and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Still this is something you should do on a weekly basis anyway. It gets the dog used to being handled, which makes it easier on you and the dog when you need to take your pet to the vet. They ears should be cleaned properly as instructed by your vet and regular nail clippings must be carried out.